To work collaboratively towards promoting optimal transitions across the care continuum.


To facilitate improved communications between organizations as the patient transitions to a different level of care.

The Continuum of Care Resources Toolkit is provided here.

You are free to browse, view and download any of the documents in this repository. The ARHA Continuum of Care Toolkit is divided into three primary subject areas: Patient/Caregiver Information Provider Tools & Resources, and Clinical Care Highlights.
When you click on “Patient/Caregiver Information,” you will find a wealth of resources available to you.  Patient/Caregiver Information includes subfolders as follows:

Patient/Caregiver Information

  • Caregiver Information
  • Discharge Planning & Services
  • Medicare & Medicaid
  • Medications
  • Self Care & Advocacy
We invite you to select a subfolder specific to your interest and explore the available documents within. When you click on “Provider Tools & Resources,” you’ll find many resources within these subfolders chosen for their value to providers:

Provider Tools & Resources

  • Medication    
  • Quality    
  • Reducing Readmissions
When you click on “Clinical Care Highlights,” you’ll find many resources within this subfolder chosen for their value:

Clinical Care Highlights

  • C Diff
  • Discharge Education
  • Falls
  • Infection Control
  • Literacy
  • Medication
  • Pressure Ulcer
  • QM
  • SBAR

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The ARHA Continuum of Care Committee will be glad to take a look.

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