Our data services focus on market analysis, compensation studies and economic impact reporting.

ARHA offers hospitals the reports needed to support the development of a strategic approach for managing and compensating a workforce that contributes to the success of the organization.

The tools include two compensation surveys each year for both management and non-management positions.  All data collected is internally audited and verified and covers base hourly rates, salary ranges, on call rates, and weekend and shift differentials.   Survey participants can optionally request a Custom Cluster Report which compares a hospital's average data to other hospitals of their choosing.

In addition, ARHA prepares a bi-annual Comprehensive Benefits Survey consisting of more than 250 questions related to hospitals' employee medical plan design, cost and coverage as well as a variety of other employee benefits, such as pharmacy copays and paid time off (PTO).


Finally, members can contact ARHA for spot surveys ranging from job descriptions to policy statements and practices.

Click below for the Physician Practice Staff Compensation & Benefits Survey Sample:

Click below for the Benefits Survey Sample:


Click below for ARHA Volume Statistics Sample:

Click below for ARHA Compensation Survey Sample:



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